Meet Our Team!

Meet Jess and Mallory - the boudoir team here! Jess is the makeup artist and Mallory is the photographer. You can learn more about their individual services by viewing their pages from the drop-down menu above.

Jess and Mallory are on a mission to prove that EVERY woman is beautiful in their own skin. In this line of work, we often hear so many ”buts” as to why they can't book photos right now and it's mainly because the woman is unhappy with her appearance. As women, we’re way too hard on ourselves. We criticize our bodies and don't see anything positive. We’re here to change that. ⠀

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL just the way you are right now! Have cellulite? Guess what?! Everyone does. Do you have scars? Wear them proud. Thick thighs? Girl, they were made to save lives. No curves - You're looking good! Mom belly or C-section scar? You carried a baby - something not all women can do (Mallory knows something about this). That is one amazing feat that we admire so much! ⠀⠀

I promise you look great, right now. Let us show you, join our Beauty and Confidence Tribe (any woman who books with us joins our tribe) and prove that you are perfect too. ❤️


boudoir photographer

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